Missing a message from CRA doesn't let taxpayer off the hook in TFSA overcontribution case

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A few years ago, I also signed up for email notifications from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that lets you know when you have mail to view in CRA’s My Account. The CRA also notifies registered taxpayers if certain changes are made to your account, such as if your mailing address or banking information for direct deposit has been changed, or even if your Personal Identification Number is created, updated, or deleted. Additionally, benefit applicants are notified by email if they’ve successfully applied for one of the many COVID-related benefits. Finally, the CRA also lets you know via email whether any physical mail sent to your home has been returned, signalling that you may need to update your snail mail address.

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Original Article Source Credits:   Financial Post , https://financialpost.com/

Article Written By:  Jamie Golombek

Original Article Posted on:  May 20, 2021 

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