• Are you taking new clients?
  • Do you have clients similar to our company?
  • Do you provide services to corporations?
  • What do accountants do besides tax returns?
  • Would your services include preparation of personal returns?
  • If I bring in a box or bag of receipts, will you be able to complete my bookkeeping and accounting needs?
  • How do I find your office in Markdale?
  • What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Yes, we are happy to help you with all your accounting needs.

Yes, we have a wide variety of clients, big and small, in every industry from agriculture, manufacturing, services, retail, and much more.

Yes, we prepare financial statements, corporate tax returns, assist with bookkeeping, and provide business advice, as well as anything else that may be necessary.

Corporate year ends are spread throughout the year, which keeps us busy at different times. Additionally, there are tasks and needs to be addressed throughout the year, including reviews, business type changes, new startups, bookkeeping, advice, tax estimates and the like.

Yes, we do complete personal returns as well.

Yes, we can certainly get started with whatever you bring us and work with you to find the best solution.

Our offices are located on Uplands Drive, just past Steven’s Restaurant behind the NFP insurance offices if you are heading north on Highway 10. The first street past Foodland on your left (and there is a turn lane) if you are heading south on Highway 10.

Bookkeeping is the keeping of records, daily, monthly or quarterly, and may include reconciling, payroll and reporting. Accounting uses the bookkeeping information to provide financial reports, statements and returns, as well as advice regarding best practices and tax planning.